Postalytics Launches First Nonprofit Direct Mail Automation Software | Credit: Postalytics

Nonprofit marketing teams and organizations can now streamline the creation, integration and tracking of direct mail campaigns with the latest software just launched in the US, tag all while taking advantage of USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail’s special postage rates.

Postalytics announced its launch in the nonprofit market today. The new software is described as bringing “direct mail marketing directly into the digital age,” announcing its launch in the nonprofit business today. The new software is described as bringing “the direct mail industry into the digital age.”

Dennis KellyThe CEO of Postalytics, believes it will be a game changer for nonprofit marketers by leveraging software to provide a more comprehensive solution for direct mail marketing.

“We’re excited to introduce the first end-to-end direct mail automation tool for the nonprofit market. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the use of direct mail in the U.S. economy. and Canadian businesses, and we hope that non-profit businesses will soon adopt this innovative technology now that non-profit USPS mail discounts are available. “

The core direct mail automation software tool is fully integrated with USPS first class and business mail and includes integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Zoho CRM, Keap, and more .

Postalytics offers free personalized direct mail and response tools such as variable data, passive content, patented personalized QR codes, PURLs and USPS IMB delivery tracking. , another first in the direct mail marketing industry.

Matt Pritchardpresident and CEO of HomeStart, a Boston-based nonprofit that helps the homeless, sees the post as a success in their efforts to communicate with their donors and other organizations.

“HomeStart has been using Postalytics for years to create, integrate and track our direct mail campaigns in new and smarter ways. Now, we can use our USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail discount to save more and help us make better use of our resources. Our adoption of Postalytics was seamless and one of the best moves our fundraising team has made.”

Christina McPhillipsThe Vice President of Business Development for Carl Bloom Associates, a leading business organization in the nonprofit industry, welcomed the news.

“Nonprofit organizations have always found direct mail effective for fundraising and volunteer communication. By combining the cost of nonprofit mail with the power of the Postalytics direct mail automation platform , trailblazing partners like Carl Bloom Associates have positioned new and better clients to create. , integrate and track direct mail campaigns.”

Nonprofit organizations, and the commercial organizations that serve them, rely on direct mail to drive donations and engage with their audiences. Kelly said the move was based on demand from the nonprofit sector.

“Postalytics has seen an increase in requests from nonprofit organizations and their affiliates that we assist USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail with our direct mail automation platform. “Relevant has invested heavily in CRM, Marketing Automation, and other marketing technologies, making it a natural for them to use a direct marketing tool like Postalytics.”

Source: Postalytics

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