At Berkshire Hathaway Chair and CEO as well Commitment co-founder Warren Buffett has not disclosed to the public how his estate will be distributed after his death, the leaders of the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation has planned and hired staff in preparation for the expansion of the budget, the Wall Street Journal show.

In 2006, Buffett pledged to donate 85 percent of his Berkshire Hathaway business to charity, with most going to charity. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and in the same year signed Berkshire shares worth $ 3 billion to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. In 2010, Buffett finally promised to give up 99 percent of his fortune.

Buffett’s Berkshire stake is now worth more than $ 90 billion, with approximately $ 56 billion now pledged to the Gates Foundation – which has received nearly $ 36 billion – $ 17.4 billion The four foundations involved his family, including the Buffett Foundation, and $ 18.7 billion has yet to be pledged. The statement in 2006 promised ambiguity about its housing plans. According to WSJ, many employees of the Gates Foundation felt that the charity would receive the full amount of Buffett’s promise, with most of it remaining undecided. In anticipation, the CEO, staff, and consultants from the management company McKinsey & Co. participated in a project called “Project Lincoln” to determine the best way to distribute storm capacity. Since 2006, Buffett has been one of the largest donors to the Gates Foundation.

Similar projects have been carried out by the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which can raise between $ 70 billion and $ 100 billion, making it one of the largest private organizations in the world. Founded in 1964, the foundation is named after Buffett’s first wife, who died in 2004. According to tax records, the Omaha-based foundation provides scholarships to college students in Nebraska. , although he spent much of his money on abortion and childbirth. health, including organizations such as Planned Parenthoodthe Center for Reproductive Rightsand the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Buffett said in a statement last year that “Over the years I have written many skeptical things just to do what I love to do,” “The organization has used my money; I do not. “

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